Friday, December 12, 2008

Measuring Performance

Monitor Along the Transaction

Performance Tools

  1. Manual Page Measurement - Firefox+Firebug+Yslow, AOL Pagetest, IBM Page Detailer, Keynote KITE
  2. Real User Monitoring - Coradiant Truesight + Web.I, Tealeaf, Others
  3. Internal Synthetic Monitoring - HP/Mercury SiteScope + BAC, Nagios, Many Others
  4. External Synthetic Monitoring – Keynote, Gomez, WebMetrics
  5. Network Analysis – Wireshark, Clearsight, ACE, NetQoS
  6. In Depth Metrics – Opnet Panorama, Introscope, Quest (DB), many others
  7. Load Testing – HP/Mercury LoadRunner, Jmeter, ab, many other

Monitoring Drawbacks
  • Manual Page Measurement – Different results lead to contention between stakeholder groups
  • Real User Monitoring – Very network setup dependent
  • Internal Synthetic Monitoring – Generates load, can sneak into reporting
  • External Synthetic Monitoring – Generates load, can sneak into reporting
  • Network Analysis – Information is buried and only useful in narrow scope
  • In Depth Metrics – Agents cause problems
  • Load Testing – Good load testing is an art unto itself
  • JavaScript/Page Beacons – Our experience with Web analytic based on these indicates up to 10% unreliability

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