Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ecommerce Website Features list

E-commerce is the simple way to buy and sell of the products, services by businesses and consumers over the Internet. People use the term called "ecommerce" to describe encrypted payments on the Internet.
I noticed so many B2C eCommerce web portals, mostly are start-ups. I had worked on many website based on os commerce open source and i have seen big and complexly magento too.

I create a features list that i want to see in eCommerce website.

Here is the list.

  1. Ability to create a new SKU for combo deals - virtual product
  2. Multiple language support specially in search, display
  3. Sales Rank by Category, sub-cat, and so on upto 5 levels
  4. "Review" features (refer amazon)
  5. Discussion forum overall, which will be linked to categories and product pages
  6. Support for multiple categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories
  7. Special offers on products, category, sub-cat
  8. On Sale section
  9. Deal of the day/week
  10. Shopping Cart
  11. Support for Multiple Payment Gateways (CC Avenue, Bank PG, mChek/PayMate, etc
  12. Search by category.Search results sorting by sale #s?
  13. Ability to identify tags of incoming users for source id
  14. Customer reviews
  15. Indian item/foreign item
  16. Pricing currency -Multi currrency support
  17. Customized shipping messages (in terms of days)
  18. Customer Order History
  19. Tell a friend
  20. Wish List (add to cart feature) will be useful in social media
  21. Gift Voucher/Certificate and Store Credits, Rewards Points, 
  22. Discount coupons (global & local)
  23. Ability to use different fonts, colors next to product image and in descriptions
  24. Tags for items
  25. Widgets for best sellers, new releases,  recently sold items
  26. Contact Us form
  27. Recommendation engine
  28. Ability to create special pages for manufactures
  29. Blog
  30. Option to add an amount at checkout for donation to a specific charity (sankara, blind school, etc)
  31. Pre-order item
  32. Notify me when available feature
  33. All user browsing & activity data to be stored
  34. Ability to add RSS (blog, deal, new additions)
  35. Ability to create a light version & mobile version of the website
  36. Different shipping messages for different items
  37. Display List Price, Our Price, Sale Price. Discount amount & %age for each item
  38. Customer profile & account with history
  39. Invoicing/billing
  40. Receipt generation
  41. News feeds from other sites on detail pages and/or news section
  42. Affiliate program
  43. Let us know if you are not able to find the item you are looking for
  44. Require age verification for adult things if any
  45. In future provide it as a service to other players
  46. SMS order/shipping confirmations
  47. SUMS section(MIS) reports
  48. SEO

I think i did great Job :-) but guys feel free add if you feel anything missing.