Monday, October 8, 2012


दो लम्हे का जीवन है, एक क्षण उन्माद का, एक क्षण आह्लाद का, बस इतना ही जियूँगा 

"Maut kitne rang badle, dhang badle,

 Jab talak zinda kalam hai hum 

 Tumhe marne na denge"....

Today i heard that Ajay sir has no more ... Few people said that he was suffering

from cancer but other said that he under went an operation.

It's Very sad for such a young life with so much potential.

He leaves behind his wife and 2 daughters.

Its true that he was a bit arrogant and pompous at first glance but His

life story was full of persistent struggle and no doubt he was the most selfless

and bright teacher in Kanpur. He was more than a teacher of physics, in fact

he was a teacher of life. I really admire him as a person and love his soul in the true sense.

My deepest sympathy is there with his family.

I'm glad to see how much respect for him is there among 

his students.

He is still alive in us showing the right path.

He always said that believe in God that will bring you all 

the successes and strength in life.

In 1997-98, I went to get admission in his coaching 


Those days, He took Physics classes at Mahesh 

Chauhan's(IIT MATHS Teacher) house.

First time I saw him, classic old style spectacles and 

woodland shoes,shirt and Lee jeans.

On that day he learnt so many things. I still 

remember how he denied parents for admission 

because boy's father was chewing PAAN.

He was music lover, specially Kishore Kumar,

Still remember his song "musafir ho yarro".

One day He sent his wife to teach us Physics

and another day his daughter wrote a typical physics 

formula on board.

Classes's pin drop silence is still in my mind. 

On that time he used to mark signature in IE Irodov 

book's last page as a recieiving of 2nd instalment of 

tuition fee.( Still i have that book and signature).

He was crazy personality and self made figure.

He had holds record of slapping up to 1200 student and teaching 20 hours in a day.

He used to present self as A GOD among students and give cusses to them like devil. 

He is obsessed with self praising and mechanics. According to him, you can't play Holi

or go to movie because playing Holi or shopping or watching cinema for 2 hours will stop

you from getting into IIT.

I was slapped once by Sir. Still remember that day, whole class was punished for three hours,

after class we both discussed, He learnt me a new way to watch life.

His few famous words are:-

"Hum hum hain,baki pani kam hain..."

"Baangduon assignment pura hona chaiye , bhai logo kya bolte ho..."
"Ghansu PAAN wale ka BETA IIT me aa gaya ..."
"MOTI, Angothi ya mala se koi IIT me nahi ata ..."
"Maine teen saal se Diwali aur Dhasahara nahi manaya..."

The Famous one is:

"Physics to ek bahaana hai tmhe insaan jo bnana hai".

He was real HERO..  Still when we think and trying to solve typical equations of life...

He helped us ... at least HE was Hero for students who learn Physics from him (1994 - OCT 2011) ....

Zindagi to bewafa hai ek din thukrayegi,

maut mehbooba hai
apne saath lekar jayegi.
mar ke jeene ke ada jo duniya ko dikhlayega
wo muqaddar ks sikandar ! janeman Kah layaga ...


  1. Dear Sir,

    puri kavita chahiye mujhe pls help me.

    Maut kitne rang badle, dhang badle,

    Jab talak zinda kalam hai hum

    Tumhe marne na denge"

  2. Dear Sir,

    my mail id is

    Kulvinder Dhiman

  3. i'm un lucky sir ,becoz when had died NAEKAR SIR, i had been joining cls(morning 135),
    realy....mujhe yaad h vo manhus day jis din class m akar unke father and wife n kaha tha Narkar sir is no mora..
    mijhe achhe tarah s yad h pura cls jor jor s roya tha...
    maine only 3 month hi padh pya tha ....vo rat akhre mulakat aj bhi achhe tarah s yad hi,,jab hum,my friend's baithe hye unke sath dinner kr rhe the ,,i said sir vo Raghuraj sir n jo vectoe teach kiya hi samajh m nhe aya h.....
    sir bole chinat kuo krte ho rat apne hai..mai fir teach krunga...
    koi aise kaise kr skta h after opration (cansar) k thek 8ve din cls le thi morning 4am to 7am.
    doct. n mana kia tha but sir sir the.......
    mare ankho aj fir ansu h ..........sir realy. m ap..ap hi the ap ki tarah koi nhe ho skta......
    ....................ap ki tarah koi nhe ho skta.....ap ki tarah koi nhe ho skta...

  4. Hi kuldeep...whats ur mobile number...I was student of ajay sir in 2005.I want to know what really happened..plz share ur mobilenumber