Monday, June 23, 2014

Some Mobile SEO related useful links

General guidelines

Google's developer guide to smartphone sites - this is the most important document and the best place to start:

For sites with separate mobile and desktop URLs, this section is especially important:

These are common mistakes Google has seen in mobile sites:

Changing in rankings of smartphone search results:

25 key principles of mobile site design: 

Responsive sites

Where to start with responsive design:

Switching over from a separate mobile site to a responsive site (or vice-versa):
Crawling and indexing

Crawling mobile sites:

Videos by Matt Cutts covering mobile issues

Is there a way to tell Google about a mobile version of a page?

Is there an SEO disadvantage to using responsive design...?

Is page speed a more important factor for mobile sites?

Does indexing a mobile website create a duplicate content issues? (Also covers cloaking)

Should we create a mobile version of our site? (old video from 2010)

Should I use the Vary HTTP header...? 

Analyzing and improving mobile sites

Google's Maile Ohye has made some great videos about analyzing and improving mobile sites using data in Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. They're summarized and linked from this blog post:

Checklist and videos for mobile website improvement 

Speed and user experience

Making smartphone sites load fast

That post introduces PageSpeed Insights, which will give you a report on the speed and user experience of your mobile and desktop sites:

Quick fixes in mobile website performance (a video by Maile)
Avoiding faulty redirects in sites with separate desktop and mobile URLs:


Giving Tablet Users the Full-Sized Web - Pierre Far explains why tablets are often best served with desktop sites:

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