Friday, December 6, 2013

Five years at infoedge india ltd.

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about a great milestone here at InfoEdge. I complete 5 years of my journey at this company.A journey filled with stories of struggles,success,fights,fun & joy. This journey is made even more memorable,just because of the great co-operation that each one of you always gave. I take pride in THANKING each and every one of you here for the support.I have innumerous moments that make experiences with many ups and downs.But with each experience,whether good or bad,I strongly feel connected.Because the learning cycle never stops.
I have learned from everything,from my mistakes to my appreciation.Of course there were differences,fights & issues but thats all healthy in the quest for success.I intend to continue to support new upcoming leadership talent as we begin our new quest for a great new tomorrow.
Obviously,I intend to carry new burdens and responsibilities too.Just to learn more & get each moment with new excitement in this journey.A JOURNEY THAT WILL NEVER END.
Once again thanks alot!!!

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