Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mobile site development

Hope you guys have seen this!!!

Pic tells thousand words and showing developer pain while he/she suffered in mobile website development.

Actually there are so many tools available but still there are few doubts/questions which are still unanswered like

1. Mobilre App Vs Mobile website

2. SEO impact m subdomain or mobi domain or same domain with same URL

3. Traffic and devices

Mobile is not as much powerful as desktop like RAM, Memory internet speed and even hardware support. Below pic describes why delay occurred in mobile internet communication.

Browser Connection Limits. its 4 on Android 2.3.5 and 6 on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Here us limitation chart.

Also mobile browsers caches is very small.

So Main Reasons for slow.

  1. slower networks
  2. higher latency
  3. slower hardware
  4. different browsing experience
  5. different context
  6. different behaviors
  7. different possible networks

How detect mobile user in application.(WURFL)
  1. Read the user-agent string from the HTTP request.
  2. Find a tag in the wurfl.xml file whose user_agent attribute matches
  3. with the user-agent string.
  4. Look for the wml_ui capability group inside the tag of step 2.
  5. Check whether a capability named menu_with_select_element_recommended exists
  6. within the capability group of the device. If it exists, read the value of the
  7. capability. You've found what you were looking for, so no more processing is
  8. required.
  9. If the capability doesn't exist, follow the fall-back path. Find the
  10. tag whose id attribute matches with the fall_back attribute of the tag
  11. of step 2.
  12. Repeat steps 3 through 5 using the tag of step 5. Keep repeating until
  13. you find the menu_with_select_element_recommended capability or you reach the
  14. most generic tag.
  1. Safari on iOS
  2. Android Browser
  3. Symbian Browser
  4. webOS Browser
  5. BlackBerry Browser
  6. Bada Browser
  7. Firefox
  8. Internet Explorer
  9. NetFront
  10. Myriad
  11. Nokia Browser (Ovi)
  12. Phantom
  13. microB
  14. Opera Mobile
  15. Opera Mini
  16. Skyfire
  17. BOLT
  18. Safari on iOS
  19. Android Browser
  20. webOS Browser
  21. BlackBerry Browser
  22. Opera Mini
HTML5 Magic that can help !!
  1. iOS 3.0+
  2. android 2.0+
  3. blackberry smartphones 5.0+
  4. blackberry playbook 1.0+
  5. webOS 1.4+
  6. symbian anna+
  7. bada 2.0
  8. windows phone mango+


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