Sunday, June 10, 2012

PHP's future: PHP unframework

PEAR,PECL these are well known bundle of libraries of PHP. There is one more Ez Components
which was designed for enterprise applications.

Recently i got chance to see few more packages which are same as RAIL, CPAN or NMP(Nodejs packages).

This is called "PHP unframework" a general-purpose, object-oriented libraries. It has a modular architecture, meaning it isn’t strictly MVC. It focuses on being secure, well documented and easy to use, while solving problems intrinsic to web development.

Few good examples are:

  • Flourish
  • Spoon

I read a good article that Symfony2(latest version) isn't an "MVC framework", it's just a bunch of loosely coupled components working nicely together. Article was written by lead Symfony developer.

So much is awaiting for final shape, so keep waiting and ready to use these awesome libraries.

Happy Coding !!!

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