Saturday, January 1, 2011

List of goals 2011

Another year has passed and this has been the not best yet.Need to understand what I have achieved or where I need to improve to better myself, so this year I decided to set myself a list of goals to help shape my life. My list was split into for sections: Personal, Fitness, Programming and Office Job/Business so I will follow that theme with this review.
This part was about bettering myself as a person. Gaining new experiences, seeing new things and opening my mind,specially would like say thanks to my current employer where i learnt so many things.
Total letdown... increased so huge extra pounds .. now feels that it's create big problem for me. so need to make separate plan for it .. anybody who can help please send me mail.
This year is about coding new things and breaking out of my stagnant slump of 100% PHP and working on CodeIgniter. As for learning new languages, I left this a little late. 
So many things are in my Todo list like RoR,Python and Objective C.Sadly till i goes as far as Hello World! only and still i have not touch surface of any of these but i am sure and have confident that i will be a good iPhone App developer in the this Year [still 12 months left ;-) ]
Actually i am planing to write my own framework and for this i have did some basic ground level study like what developer want and what are the current issues like performance, latency issue, page rendering and js and css issues and inline js css issues as well as heavy page size. i also seen good features in Kohana,CodeIgniter, Rails,Yii and a few others. main features i would like introduce are object caching and provide ability to end user for design it's own modeling .. like whatever design pattern user want to use , he/she will be easily integrate it.Planing for two different MVC approaches one for forntend and another one is for backend. avoiding unnecessary loc code like input filters etc when php provide better extensions for it. just install extension and configure ini file and it works same as PDO etc .. so overall idea is provide fat free, robust and fast. Let's hope by end of this year, i will launch the BETA.
But for now i am looking for 1-2 ninja developers who can work with me and help out. if you think you have ability to work for it please send me mail at tussion at ymail dot com.Where does that I leave CodeIgniter? Well I am still loving it "long-time" since last 3 years and still i am working on it .. at least in my office.
Now for all this open-source coding,blogging,consultancy  i still need to make good number of money.'money hai to honey hai' ... :-).In all, Hopefully business is looking good for 2011.
Goals For 2011:-
1. Reduce upto 15 Kgs over in year.
2. Plan to kick-ass structural unemployment.. looking for rock solid organization...specially wants to work on android/Iphone based apps,cloud computing,nosql such untouch areas.I know it's not easy .. but let's Try.Plan for double blog traffic over the next year. If I start to struggle i can just post photos of top indian heroines ;-)
3. Kayak to hills specially wants to see around from pinnacle of mountain.
4. planning to purchase Android,I phone .. 
5. Leave tobacco
6. Need to improve better polymorphous behaviour in real life.
7. Courage. Fear the unknown less. (Trust God more)
8. Design matters. (Self Branding)
9. Better budgeting, better planning (2010 was worst for me so will take care about it)
10. Using my time better in down time (ie. particularly Saturday and Sunday, but all of it)
11. Less time watching discovery

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