Sunday, December 26, 2010

Third party tools that helps in optimization

Of course First name is YUI Compressor. it minifying both Java script and CSS files. The YUI Compressor needs Java to work, so you will need to be sure to have a Java runtime installed.

Second name is OptiPng. it's PNG optimization tools which you can run from the command line exist. checkout &

Third name is  CSSEmbed. It's tool to automatically embed images into CSS files as data URIs. This is a very small, simple tool that reads in a CSS file, identifies the images referenced within, converts them to data URIs, and outputs the resulting style sheet. The newly-created stylesheet is an exact duplicate of the original, complete with comments and indentation intact; the only difference is that all references to image files have been replaced with data URIs. download it from

Fourth one is used for optimization jpeg files using a tool like JPEGtran. it covers following tasks.

  1. tripping meta data (meta is sometimes bulky and useless for web display)
  2. Optimizing Huffman tables or
  3. Convert a JPEG to progressive encoding

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