Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Open Web Definition

The Open Web is an interoperable, ubiquitous, and search able network where everyone can share information, integrate, and innovate without having to ask for permission, accessible through powerful and universal clients.

Here is a litmus test definition we can apply when wondering whether something is part of the Open Web and actions to take.

Open Web Litmus Test

Does it have:
  • Composability - The ability to innovate, link, contribute, search, and integrate without red tape, fear of a lawsuit, or having to ask "please?"
  • Interoperability - The ability for developers to interoperate without having to know of each others existence
  • Ubiquity - The ubiquity of a set of open technologies and services agreed upon by the widest possible community
  • Universal Client - Empowering and evolving the browser and web technologies as a universal client
+1 or -1 on this litmus test? If you give it a -1, try to not have the bullet points expand; we want this to be a concise list out of which other things can fall out, not a laundry list.

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